Scheming Heart By Ivy Layne

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Scheming Heart (The Hearts of Sawyers Bend Book 3) By Ivy Layne


Book/Novel Author: Ivy Layne

Book/Novel Title: Scheming Heart



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ScarlettI don’t want to lie to him. I really don’t.First of all, he’s hot. Really hot. I know I swore off gorgeous men for the rest of eternity, but Tenn Sawyer has me questioning all of my choices. At least, any choices that mean I can’t have him.Second, he isn’t just hot, Tenn is bossy and domineering and patient and his smile makes my panties melt. And that was all before he kidnapped me.After… I have no reason to trust him. There’s too much at risk to follow my gut. One mistake and I’ll lose everything. But with Tenn, I can’t seem to help myself.TennI knew she was trouble the second I lay eyes on her. Okay, it took me two minutes to figure it out. At first all I saw was a gorgeous woman I needed to get to know. Preferably naked. Five minutes later, everything changed. Scarlett isn’t just a woman I want, suddenly she’s my lifeline, the only thing keeping me from a murder charge. And if that isn’t complicated enough, every other word out of her mouth is a lie. She needs my help. She won’t trust me enough to ask. Every moment we’re together binds us until I can’t imagine not having her, even with all of her lies between us. When she finally comes clean, and I understand what’s at stake, I’m not worried about going to jail. I’m too busy trying to keep us alive.Scheming Heart is a standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s third in The Hearts of Sawyers Bend series, featuring the Sawyer family of Sawyers Bend.

Excellent book. Love the whole series. I’ve read all the Sinclair Security books and truly enjoyed them. Well written with all the elements.
I love the way the story is building momentum. Like the billionaire series. And I love that Ivy has not changed her style. Good old days romance that leaves you wanting more.
I love Tenn & Scarlet’s story. They were perfect together and it gave another piece to the clue of who REALLY killed Prentice. Tenn’s patience with not only Scarlett, but her boys as well, showed the Sawyer curse was exclusive to their father. My only complaint was how long it took for the reader to find out exactly WHO Thatcher was to Scarlett. As much as I am enjoying the adventures of the Sawyer Clan in Sawyer’s Bend, I hope we (the reader) do not have to go through each sibling’s story before we find out who really killed Prentice & Vanessa. Especially with the next book not slated until November 2022. It would be nice to have Ford out of jail so we can get his story.
Ivy Layne just keeps spinning a world you want to be a part of. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is just part of the magic! And when you think you have part of the mysteries figured out, she hands you a bit more to keep you intrigued. At writer at her absolute best!
Third book in series and it doesn’t disappoint. It also doesn’t give away the first two books in case you read this book first. This story pulls you in and you want to finish it at once.


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4.9/5309 ratings