Second Shot with #76 By Piper Rayne

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Second Shot with #76 (Hockey Hotties Book 5) By Piper Rayne


Book/Novel Author: Piper Rayne

Book/Novel Title: Second Shot with #76



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***Now a USA Today Bestseller**My mom always said you don’t get a second shot at making a first impression. I’ve remembered that my entire career. Especially since I’m one of the few black men who play professional hockey.I’m calculated and respectful in the way I speak to my coaches, the owners, and the media. I’ve never taken a risk… until her.I could blame it on the fact that for once I pushed away the pressure of my career for the ocean waves, the sand, and good times with my new teammates. But those are excuses because the minute I saw her at the airport, something lit up inside me and the best week of my life was spent with her in my bed.After our week in paradise, we said goodbye, exchanged phone numbers and both assumed that unless one of us was flying through the other’s city on the opposite side of the country, our vacation fling was over.Then one night after practice I see her. She’s here. In my city. Telling me she moved here for a job. If that’s not fate tell me what is.I’ve never wanted a second shot more than I do this time, but she’s determined to leave what we were on the island we left behind.
Really cute couple who I loved. Cory is super nice guy and although he was a bit of a man whore for awhile after he felt Ande had rejected him, he quickly realized what he needed to do to win her back. Ande, however, has this witch of a sister who plotted against Cory and things got a little ugly for awhile and it looked as though it wouldn’t work out for Cory and Ande. Read it and have fun!!!!!
What a fun read! Love this series so far, and Cory and Ande’s second chance story does not disappoint either. A fun tropical fling set-up this story as Cory the rookie hockey player on the Florida Fury meets Ande whose on a girls trip in the Caribbean. And they meet again as Ande has moved across the country to Florida, and their connection seems as strong as before.What happens when you cross paths in your hometown with a fling you thought you’d never see again. With explosive chemistry between Cory and Ande this story was fun from start to finish. Throw in meddling teammates, and a supportive boss and a fake relationship everyone can see through plus family with their own opinions of what the two should do.
I liked Ande and Cory when they were introduced in Hat Trick. Did I really like them enough to want a full story on them? I’d say it was more of a 50/50. I wasn’t fired up but I also wasn’t against it.The story started cute but lost some of the zing I was still wanting. It actually was the extended bonus epilogue that saved the story for me.Even though this isn’t my favorite, I’m still glad I read it so that I could see my old favorites.
Andie and Cory met while she was on vacation and he was attending a teammates lavish destination wedding . Their courtship was part of a prequel called Tropical Hat Trick .They had a hot and heavy vacation fling and went their separate ways.Andie gets a job in the same town as Cory and they bump into each other.I didn’t feel their spark. There is also a “yuck” factor ( for me) when Cory unbeknownst to him slept with Andie sister who is not a nice person.The other hockey hotties make appearances since Cory is a rookie and does not get a lot of play time. Looking forward to Kane’s story.
2.5 stars. This plot line did not work for me at all. Cory and Ande had a vacation fling which he tries to make into something more after they return home but she ghosts him. He then has a series of one night stands for a year before they run into each other again. Ande’s issues make her hesitant to date him since he’s a hockey player. Up to this point I was enjoying this second chance story. But at 45% it took a turn that was unpleasant and not my idea of a good romance plot. I could not get past Ande believing and then plotting with her sister, who’s untrustworthy, to purposefully hurt Cory and then still ending up together at the end of the book. I would not have forgiven Ande for her behavior and the groveling seemed like it was not done by the right party. I really liked the first three books of the series but these last two not as much.
Second Shot with #76 is an entertaining second chance romance, maybe a little angstier (umm… more angst? Whichever) than what I’ve read by Piper Rayne, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of angst. There were a couple of things I wasn’t crazy about in this one, particularly the plot twist. I saw it coming, but I don’t care to admit that I really hoped to be wrong. It’s just a plot device that I’m not fond of. I did like the way the relationship between Cory and Ande progresses from the time they run into each other to the above-mentioned plot twist. It has a slow burn feel to it that works well for these characters, but even with the slow burn, Cory and Ande drove me a little crazy with the things they didn’t say, and I really wanted to shake one or both of them several times throughout the book. I also enjoyed the many secondary characters. While I have read Piper Rayne before, this is the first in this series, so these characters were all new to me. I’m sure there are many things I’ve missed about the various relationships, but enough information is included so that I got the gist of who’s with who and the dynamic between the team and the significant others. Speaking of, after some things that happened in this book, I’m looking forward to the next in the series.Both narrators on this one were new to me, and again, some things worked and some, well, not so much. Vanessa Edwin was a solid choice for Ande, and she brings out the angst and emotion very well. Chance Smolders has a great voice, but his narration fell short for me. It just didn’t feel natural, and it was hard to stay immersed in the book during his chapters.I think it comes down to a mixture of a couple of things that didn’t personally work for me. The plot twist coupled with part of the narration kept this one from being quite what I expected from Piper Rayne. It’s not bad, by any means. The pacing and writing style are everything they should be, so I will continue to read and listen to this duo’s books. All things considered, I’d have to say this one landed right smack in the middle for me.


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