Secret Baby with Brother’s Best Friend By Ava Gray

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Secret Baby with Brother’s Best Friend (Alpha Billionaire) By Ava Gray


Book/Novel Author: Ava Gray

Book/Novel Title: Secret Baby with Brother’s Best Friend



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Not once… but twice. I slept with him twice. With the one man that I was supposed to stay away from. Not only that… I got pregnant the first time around and never told him. My world is spinning. How complicated could my life be?Especially now that Chase is also my boss?That’s not the only problem. Chase is also my brother’s best friend. And let me just say that my brother would be furious. He would be furious if he found out who the father of my first child is. But I couldn’t keep my distance from Chase. Even if that meant getting pregnant again.This time, it cannot remain a secret. Chase is about to find out about everything. Will that be the end of our story before it even begins?
I just wish it was longer! I wasn’t done with this story yet Ava Gray,please,more, more,more. At least about the whole brother.
Gemma is a smart, independent woman who needs to prove her brother John wrong about her career in marketing, specifically social media is much more than playing on the computer. When she sees an ad for a marketing position at the company her father left to John in his will she applies using a shortened version of her name. Gem Lafayette (Gemma Lafayette-Peters). Her plan is to bring the company current and not only retain customers but bring in new bigger customers. Since her brother thinks marketing is useless and he’s completely self absorbed and planning his wedding he has no idea she works for the company. Chase is Johns best friend and co-owner of the business they inherited when their fathers were killed in a boating accident. Chase is instantly attracted to Gemma but doesn’t recognize her as John’s little sister or as a one night stand he had 3 years ago (which he also didn’t realize who she was). Now there are secrets everywhere and a big blow up is inevitable. John is an entitled, snobby, opinionated, lazy jerk. Chase sees his bad qualities but chooses to work around him to get the business back on track. Will Gemma finally get the hea with Chase who is her first and only love or will her lies and secrets ruin it? I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
There is so much lacking from this story. If this had been more thought out the concept would have been good. The mc’s ages, and her brothers hatred of her are literally mysteries until the END of the story (still don’t know how old Gem is).The mc’s childish behavior is out of this world. The book wasn’t horrible butttttt I still don’t know how I finished it.
Woke up at 4 this morning & started reading & finish by 10! I couldn’t put it down. Ava Gray didn’t disappoint me!
I saw this described as a romantic comedy. I didn’t find it to be either. John, the brother, verbally abused his sister for most of her life. Chase, the best friend, who was around Gemma for years and had sex with her, did not remember or recognize her. Gemma could not tell the truth to save her life but she was great at keeping secrets. And suddenly, in the epilogue, they are all happy……
Secret Baby with Brothers Best Friend by Ava Gray. Chase and Gemma were getting married today.. my brother John and Chase were the head of the company my father and some other investors left us at their deaths.


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