Secrets of Rahjen By Tom Shepherd

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Secrets of Rahjen By Tom Shepherd


Book/Novel Author: Tom Shepherd

Book/Novel Title: Secrets of Rahjen

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Secrets of Rahjen hurls a mixed cast of humans and aliens into a web of politics, intrigue and murder.When a predatory star nation lays siege to powerless Rahjen—the last seat of the ancient, fallen Galactic Empire—Mark Bricchetti, Dr. Tanella Jennings, and a team of 21st century humans are swept up in a desperate gambit to save galactic civilization and protect their home world, Earth.
What the figurehead Galactic Empress does control is the banking system for every known star-faring race, plus a vast trove of weapons and technology held in safekeeping below the old Imperial summer residence known as the Raven’s Deck. Neither must fall into the hands of the brutal Lutzak Eparchy.
When the Lutzak heir-apparent is murdered by a knife bearing human DNA, Mark and Tanella fight an extradition request before the Grand Assembly which, if lost, means sure death. The Star Lawyers Origins adventure continues… **

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