Seduced by Cruelty By Bella King

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Seduced by Cruelty: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Greywood Academy Book 1) by Bella King


Book/Novel Author: Bella King

Book/Novel Title: Seduced by Cruelty

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Enemies don’t make love like this. Lovers don’t try to ruin each other’s lives. Friends don’t betray their loyalty. Bullies don’t fall in love. Except at Greywood Academy, they do. Between the white walls of the school, there was silent war raging. You could either pick a side, or get washed away in the noise. I had my fair share of bullying in the past, pushing me to the brink and nearly killing me in the process. I couldn’t go through that again. Troy was captain of the rugby team. He was handsome, smart, and undeniably cruel. I needed to stay away from men like that, and yet, there was something about him that pulled me in and made it impossible to get away from him. Soon, I would be way in over my head. Enemies would turn lovers, friends turn enemies, and what little safety I had left in my life would fall away, exposing me to what could only be described as pure hatred. My senior year at Greywood Academy was shaping up to be a hell of a ride. This book is intended for adult readers and contains violence, adult themes, and references to self-harm.

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