Servants of War By Larry Correia

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Servants of War By Larry Correia


Book/Novel Author: Larry Correia

Book/Novel Title: Servants of War



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NEW MILITARY FANTASY FROM THE CREATOR OF MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL LARRY CORREIA AND MASTER OF HORROR STEVE DIAMONDThe war between Almacia and the Empire of Kolakolvia is in its hundredth year. Casualties grow on both sides as the conflict leaves no corner of the world untouched.Illarion Glaskov’s quiet life on the fringes of the empire is thrown into chaos when an impossible tragedy strikes his village. When he is conscripted into the Tsarist military, he is sent to serve in The Wall—an elite regiment that pilots suits of armor made from the husks of dead golems.But the great war is not the only—or even the worst—danger facing Illarion, as he is caught in a millennia-old conflict between two goddesses. He must survive the ravages of trench warfare, horrific monsters from another world, and the treacherous internal politics of the country he serves.At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).About Larry Correia:“Correia piles on the intrigue, action, and cliffhangers in the invigorating second Saga of the Forgotten Warrior epic fantasy. . . . Correia also weaves in elements that question the value of belief and the cost of giving authority to those who find more profit in preying on the weak. . . . Brisk fight scenes, lively characters, and plenty of black humor continue to make this series a real pleasure.” —Publishers WeeklyAbout Steve Diamond:”Residue will scare you—that’s its primary goal—but along the way it will touch you, shock you, make you laugh, make you cheer, and make you think. Horror has been waiting for Steve Diamond.” —Dan WellsLarry Correia is the Dragon Award-winning, best-selling author of the Monster Hunter International series, the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior series, the Grimnoir Chronicles, and the Dead Six series of military thrillers.Steve Diamond founded and runs the review site Elitist Book Reviews, which was nominated for the Hugo Award in 2013, 2014, and 2015. He writes for Ragnarok, Baen, Privateer Press, and numerous small publications. He is also the editor of the horror anthology Shared Nightmares.
Servants of War is the first book in a new series, Age of Ravens, and I certainly hope it is a series that gets to continue. The world is unique, the characters are well fleshed out and have interesting motivations, and the action is top notch. I’m a big Correia fan and this book is absolutely up to snuff with his previous work. Steve Diamond did a terrific job as well, though; and I look forward to reading more from him in the future. I highly recommend Servants of War.
At times this novel seemed a way too bloody YA comic but overall well written and an enjoyable read. The sequels should prove interesting
Definitely one of Correia’s better ones but a clear indicator that it was the start of a series would have been welcome. I rarely buy books in series until they’re all released so I can read them all at once.(And, as usual, it’s simply cut off. 🙁 🙁 🙁 I hate that from any author. Please stop! 🙂 )Definitely more enjoyable than the Dead Six series, which I had just finished, etc. Perhaps his best yet. Subtracted one star because of no warning that it wasn’t a stand-alone book. (Which could be Amazon’sfault.)

Very well done. Russian folklore, New monsters, evil government, and a new take on a classic villain. I wonder if someone got inspiration watching the Chicago scenes in American Gods?
Fun fast intrigue and action. Only complaint is I have to wait for the next one. Can’t get here soon enough.


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