Sex Positions for Couples By Scarlett Red

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Sex Positions for Couples: The Complete Guide To Re-Discover The Importance Of Intimacy And Sex In Your Relationship By Scarlett Red


Book/Novel Author: Scarlett Red

Book/Novel Title: Sex Positions for Couples

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Feeling stuck in a rut in the bedroom? Has the flame of passion gone out somewhat in the relationship, and you’re looking to revive it?    Then keep reading…

This book is not just for couples alone, either. Anyone can benefit from the positions covered in this book, even if you’re only looking for casual sex until you’ve found The One. In fact, some of the positions in this book can make casual sex feel carnal and exciting and for the couples who are in relationships, it can bring the fire back into the bedroom as you send each other over the edge with orgasmic experiences that will strengthen your bond as a couple and leave you giddy with pleasure hours after you’ve had sex.   

We will even explore what introducing sex toys into the bedroom is going to do for your love life and how lube, the unsung hero of the sex world, is going to change your sex life for the better. We will cover the basics and work out way up from there to positions that are going to test your strength and endurance. This book is meant for both men and women, told from the alternating perspectives of both sexes, and you might even read it together as you journey towards better sex like a team.               

In order to ensure that you are getting the most out of sex, the partner whom you choose must be sexually compatible with you. Deciding whether you are sexually compatible with a person involves looking at your ability to communicate your desires, wants, and needs with them. As you have seen over and over in this book, being able to communicate your needs to a person with whom you are having sex is very important in ensuring that you are receiving pleasure. It is also important to ensure that you are working towards your goals. For example, if you decided that you hope to gain a higher level of fitness and a lower level of stress through having regular sex, you must be able to communicate this to your partner. This would come in the form of telling them that you wish to have long and slow thrusts instead of short and fast ones so that you can de-stress as much as possible. It could also be communicating with them which positions you wish to have sex in so that you can work on your fitness.

This book covers the following topics:

  • What is intimacy?

  • Orgasm

  • Sex toys

  • Oral sex

  • Masturbation tricks

  • Sex positions for beginners

  • Romance

  • Sex position for male and female sexual satisfaction

  • Practical an erotic massage advice

  • Man on top

  • Woman on top

  • Sex positions for powerful orgasms

  • Spicy sex positions


There are so many possible positions in which to have sex, and this book aimed to narrow that down for you by providing a variety of positions that will bring you different benefits. If you wish to achieve a higher level of fitness, you can choose several positions that are best for weight loss and choose to have sex in these positions primarily. By choosing these over positions that are better for stress reduction, you will be sure that while enjoying sex, you are also accomplishing what you hope to gain from it.

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