Shades of Fae By J.L. Myers

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Shades of Fae (Faerie-Tail Awakening Book 2) By J.L. Myers


Book/Novel Author: J.L. Myers

Book/Novel Title: Shades of Fae

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A Fae Princess with amnesia. The Prince she’s betrothed to. And a male’s ghostly voice that might be her only chance at survival…if she chooses to listen.

Wake up in a garden of giant creepy flowers. Check. Greeted by the ethereal Seelie Queen with all the answers. Double check. And given a name and a purpose that I can’t remember or make sense of. WTF?

I’m the Unseelie Princess of the Shaede, betrothed to the Queen’s sinfully handsome son. Yeah right!

If I’m a Fae Princess, then unicorns really do fart rainbows. I don’t talk like them. I don’t walk like them. And I sure as shit don’t feel at home in this Disney-style castle that looks like glitter and decadence vomited all over it.

I’m an imposter. A fraud. And I’m so going off the deep end…

Pretending I don’t hear the whispering voices of flowers is getting harder to do…especially when one familiar male’s voice stirs my heart and tingles all the way down to my unmentionables.

Oh, and he also swears I’m the love of his life and in mortal danger.

If this seductive ghost is right, then maybe I should run. Traitor and cheater? How long until the Queen screams “off with her head!” Guess I’m about to find out…

New adult paranormal romance.

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