Shadow Academy By Jamie Campbell (PDF/READ)

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Shadow Academy By Jamie Campbell


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Campbell

Book/Novel Title: Shadow Academy

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From the age of eighteen, it is compulsory for all supernatural creatures to attend Shadow Academy. That includes werewolves, vampires, shifters, seers, and witches. Failure to do so will result in certain death.
Or, in my case, attendance will probably also result in certain death. I am what they refer to as a Roach—a supernatural creature with no actual powers. I’m a witch that can’t do magic and I can’t do spells either. They think I’m a terrorist, that I will tell the human world the truth about us and expose us all. I’m enrolled and ready to start my first year but I don’t know how long I can go undetected.
All I want to do is get through my first week at the Academy but they are picking off the Roaches one by one and I’m terrified I’ll be next. I can’t trust anyone. Not the gorgeous warlock, Liam, or the werewolf, Cress, who has been so nice to me. Everyone is watching me and it won’t take a genius to work out I’m powerless. The supernatural council will come for me.
If I’m going to survive Shadow Academy, I’m going to have to blend in, ignore the infuriating hot guy, do my roommate’s homework, and lie my butt off. Sounds easy, right? Pity I’ve never been good at fitting in.
Shadow Academy is the first book in an exciting new urban fantasy series featuring witches, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, seers, and everything magical.

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