Shadow Angel By Julie Hall

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Shadow Angel: Book Two By Julie Hall


Book/Novel Author: Julie Hall

Book/Novel Title: Shadow Angel



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He’s gone, and the worst part is, I don’t know if he’s dead or alive.I dealt with the curse. I picked my side. The hellish nightmare that I woke up to when I discovered I was a Watcher should be over, but it’s not. Weeks have passed with no sign of Gage and I can’t seem to move on, but a war is brewing and wallowing is no longer an option. With the ruler of the Netherworld after me, my new mission not only affects one realm, but all of them.Save my mom.Save the souls.Save the world.No pressure.
I can’t wait for the next book,. I literally am losing sleep over this series. Every time she gets ahead, she’s pulled back 10 steps. Can’t wait for the next book❤❤
Stone and Hall have surpassed themselves with this one. If you want the feels in spades you will not want to miss this series.
This is a good second book. The reason I gave this a four star is because the main character, Tatum, got on my nerves at times. I understand she is young but I found her to be somewhat selfish and immature in her decisions and actions.
You’re such an amazing writer and this book is no exception! Absolutely loved this book and I’m excited to read what happens next!
Can’t wait for part threeShould be exciting love this kind of series want to read more of them thanks
I always feel like the 1st book is Leia Stones books are really good. Book 2 always feels like it’s written by a completely different person. It’s so weird. I know there are two authors sometimes so maybe that’s how it goes to crap.


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