Shadow Angel By Leia Stone

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Shadow Angel: Book Three By Leia Stone


Book/Novel Author: Leia Stone

Book/Novel Title: Shadow Angel



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I didn’t think there were any more surprises, but I was wrong. My mission hasn’t changed, defeat Apollyon and free the souls trapped in the Netherworld, but everything just got a lot more complicated. I have a sister, my boyfriend’s a shifter controlled by my enemy, and now it’s not just my life that’s in danger, but my soul as well. As the ruler of the Netherworld amasses an army, my to-do list gets stranger by the day. Sneak into Shade City.Get my boyfriend wings.Find a lost realm. But even if I manage to pull all that off, one burning question remains. How do I defeat an enemy I can’t kill without dying?
This trilogy was fun and full of twists and turns. Tate and Gage are an awesome couple, but I live whatever is happening with Harley and Dash. Hopefully, there is more.
What a conclusion to an interesting and exciting series by these talented authors! This book is fast paced very in the moment, it really grabs the reader and has you completely invested in what is happening with the characters. I am interested to see what spin offs will come from this intriguing world.
There was nothing to dislik! It was the perfect story, suspense, love, evil VS good… and not too into raging sex. Can’t wait to to read book 4
I loved this series and appreciate the depth of the characters and how the full story unfolded. Tatum (Tate) and Gage are a once in a life time love. The road to their HEA is fraught with demons, hellhounds, etc. but the end is fabulous!


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4.9/5309 ratings