Shattered Altar By Nicole Fox

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Shattered Altar (Makarova Bratva Book 1) By Nicole Fox


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Fox

Book/Novel Title: Shattered Altar



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It started with the mile high club.It ended with a fake marriage and his baby in my belly.I thought it was just a hookup on an airplane.Let’s be cute and call it a “one-flight-stand.”Or we could be more accurate and call it what it really was:The day that ruined my life.Aleksandr Makarova sure looked the part of the knight in shining armor.Tall, rich, with eyes that promised all kinds of delicious things.Not to mention, a body that delivered on those promises.It was the craziest moment of my life.But when the flight landed, Aleks disappeared.I tried to pretend it didn’t hurt my feelings.Back to my boring old reality, right?The problem was, Aleks wasn’t really gone.And when I stepped one toe in my house and saw what he’d done to my family, I realized…He wasn’t going away anytime soon.SHATTERED ALTAR is Book One of the Makarova Bratva duet. Aleks and Olivia’s story continues in Book Two, SHATTERED CRADLE.
A romance with a plot, a twist, great characters, power plays, suspense, believable chemistry! Well done!!! Let’s see how book two follows up!
If you are looking for a dark bratva romance with a cruel and alpha man… then this book is for you.I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this book. From the moment they “accidentally” meet at an airport the chemistry is apparent. Aleksandr is everything you would expect from the bratva, calculating, alpha and overbearing. I know some readers had an issue with Olivia and I get it. In my experience as a mood reader, I appreciate sometimes reading books with weaker heroines. I loved the twists the book provided and kept me enthralled till the second book in the duet.
This author is usually hit or miss for me but this book has been a total hit! I am obsessed with Aleks and Olivia’s story! The characters are amazing and the plot is complex. Alek’sMom, Olivia’s brother and family, Jennifer, Isobelle! It’s all coming together! This is truly the best book that I’ve read by this author.
This book took me by surprise. But it shouldn’t have since Nicole Fox wrote it. Can’t wait to dive into the next installment.
I couldn’t put this book down! So many ups an downs it’s literally a roller-coaster ride. Definitelya must read !
Olivia and Alek’s tumultuous, complicated relationship has humor, anger, passion, deception, danger, rejection, betrayal and fear, all wrapped up in a devious plan. There’s a twisted, dark, suspenseful storyline with lots of surprises.


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