Shattered Cradle By Nicole Fox

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Shattered Cradle (Makarova Bratva Book 2) By Nicole Fox


Book/Novel Author: Nicole Fox

Book/Novel Title: Shattered Cradle



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I joined the Mile High Club and ended up pregnant.If only the story stopped there.But no. It gets worse.It gets so much worse.Because the man who swept me off my feet thirty thousand feet in the air didn’t pick me at random.He chose me for a purpose.A very specific purpose.And when Aleksandr Makarova decides he wants something…He gets it.No matter what… or who… he has to break in the process.SHATTERED CRADLE is Book Two of the Makarova Bratva duet. Aleks and Olivia’s story begins in Book One, SHATTERED ALTAR.
This book kept me guessing for the longest time. More and more trip ups to wander thru.I would recommend this book to my cousin.
This was a good duet. This book wasn’t quit as good as the first . That was mostly because the Aleks refused to tell Olivia he loved her until the very last page. Up until then he told her he wasn’t capable of love and would never love her. Olivia was also a wishy washy insecure heroine who couldn’t make up her mind who to believe. That’s what caused me to give this 4 stars instead of 5. Otherwise this would have been phenomenal. By the end I wanted the heroine to be killed off.
What started as a scheme of deception, abduction and blackmail has morphed into so much more for Aleks and Olivia. This is an intense read, with very memorable characters and an addictive storyline. It’s action packed, suspenseful, with passion and many secrets and surprises.
This book was definitely better than the first. I debated on giving it a four, but in end I just couldn’t. There was a epilogue at the end of the book you could download, recommend reading it if you want to see what’s going on with Rob and Jennifer and how the siblings are doing.
What was heavy in the bag he dropped off for her? Did I miss it? Man, I’m with her. Everyone is crazy and deceitful.
This book and the first book could have been put into one book. The storyline was boring and overdone. The characters seemed to be half-finished.


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