Shattered Dynasty By Ava Harrison

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Shattered Dynasty: A Standalone Enemies-to-Lovers Romance By Ava Harrison


Book/Novel Author: Ava Harrison

Book/Novel Title: Shattered Dynasty



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From USA Today best-selling author Ava Harrison comes an enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn romance with a twist.
Trent Aldridge is the devil.

Rich. Arrogant. Sinfully handsome.
He holds my inheritance in his hands.

Twenty-two million dollars I didn’t even know about.

I met him at a funeral.

As one life ended, mine unraveled.

Because he has one goal—to ruin me.

And Trent Aldridge never loses.

My present is gone and my future is in ashes.

All because of a past that’s not even mine.

Control. Power.

He has it all now that I’m his maid.

He’s rude, sarcastic, and well…the hottest man I’ve ever met.

Lust is a dangerous game to play.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

And I’m about to be consumed.
It was a good book! I loved the characters, the plot, and the outcome. Excellent reading. Looking forward to reading more by Ava Harrison.
Wow it’s been a while since I read a book in this series but this was a great one and loved the ups and downs in this love story.
These two main characters have no chemistry what so ever.It was the typical I hate you and I’m going to act like a childish preteen when I’m 30(?) because I need a lame revenge plot type of story.It was flat and just went through the motions of a book.Why would Trent’s dad put him in charge of the money he left Payton? Why not have the lawyer do it?It was a lame excuse for Trent to have to bully Payton.And the attraction was beyond painful and boring to read! And most of their time together was glossed over while the majority of the book was repetitively repeating ‍♀️ the same mantra about Trent’s dad being an ass and how much he hated her but didn’t need $22 million even though he kept saying he was always trying to make lots of money and Payton just kept saying how she didn’t want the money and would give it all to her sister and hated Trent over and over again!All the filler could’ve come out and been over in 10 chapters! Don’t recommend.
This book was SO repetitive it was ridiculous.Way too much said again & again, the characters were super unlikeable, & way too much pointless inner monologues! It was soooo slowww!! I don’t understand when authors write so much that is pointless…I don’t need to read about someone’s train ride, getting dressed, taking a shower, walking thru a door or building & all their pointless repetitive inner thoughts as they do so. The hero was a completely immature miserable human & the heroine was clueless, weak, & let everyone walk all over her! They did not sleep together until the very end of the book & the inimate scenes were just boring.I almost stopped reading this book multiple times (& found myself skipping pages to get back to the actual story). I made myself finish because I normally really like Ava Harrison. This is her only book that I felt was just no where near her normal standard of excellence. Do not recommend.
I think I fell in love with Trent after the first chapter. His kindness was apparent with his mother, so it was no surprise that there was a softie underneath all that gruffness.


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4.9/5309 ratings