She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest 2 By Shvonne Latrice

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She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest 2 By Shvonne Latrice


Book/Novel Author: Shvonne Latrice

Book/Novel Title: She Gave Her All to the Hood’s Finest 2

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Camarih was baffled upon hearing Tony Wacko’s deeply hidden and disconcerting secret. Feeling like she is unable to trust him with anyone anymore, she decides it’s time to cut her losses as much as she can, and press on. Only hiccup is that Camarih must’ve forgotten that her newfound and now ex love isn’t quite right up top. Packing up and starting anew won’t be as easy as it was with her past relationships, because once the unhinged hood boy sets his sights on something, he never lets it go. And with Camarih being the first woman he’s ever loved, her finding solace in another person, place, or thing, is highly unlikely and even more dangerous.

In the second installment, more skeletons will be revealed, truths will be faced, and hard decisions will be made. The love of off-kilter Tony and passionate Camarih is surely being tampered with, but a test or two is nothing to a certified gangsta that has no problem slanging a few bullets and exhausting all extremes to keep his girl. The other couples also return, one seeing the detriment their ill-fated affair has caused, and the other going from simple admiration to a whirlwind romance.

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