Silver Moon By Jen L. Grey

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Silver Moon (Shadow City: Silver Wolf Book 3) By Jen L. Grey


Book/Novel Author: Jen L. Grey

Book/Novel Title: Silver Moon



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The time has come for me to stand strong and take back what was meant to be mine.My entire life, I was groomed to be the perfect leader for my pack, but the day they were slaughtered changed everything. I search for answers, desperate for retribution, but every secret I uncover makes me challenge everything I’ve ever known.With my fated mate by my side, we face down the enemy, determined to give them a name and a face.What we discover is worse than we imagined. Things aren’t what they seem, and we might not recognize each other when it’s all over.Scroll up and one click Silver Moon today.*Please Note*Welcome to Shadow City, where each trilogy focuses on a different pair of fated mates. By the end of every trilogy, each couple will have their happy ever after.However, not every mystery will be solved. Some secrets will span additional trilogies, but will in no way take away from the individual stories. You can still read the trilogies out of order, but the suggested reading order is as follows:Shadow City: Silver WolfBroken MateRising DarknessSilver MoonShadow City: Royal VampireCursed Mate Shadow BittenDemon BloodShadow City: Demon WolfRuined MateShattered CurseFated SoulsShadow City: Dark AngelFallen AngelDemon MarkedDark Prince
This series was interesting. I enjoyed that it was a trilogy and they were all available. I recommend this series but it is meant for YA.
I like all the adventure and story. It doesn’t have too much sex which is nice. Just enough. I’m excited to read the next trilogy.
I The book had action,romance and mystery it made you want to read everyone one of her books.I would tell all my friends
This book is just okay. It is very drawn out and wordy. Someone would say, “we need to leave right now” then there was six pages of internal monologue and discussion before they actually left. I ended up skimming a lot. It also just felt very shallow. Nothing is surprising and the plot is meh. I wouldn’t read it again.
Such an interesting ending to the series. Excited for Alex’s story in the vampire spin off. Overall lots of action, interesting characters, and a decent amount of steam.
I really enjoyed this trilogy but wished there was more and I can’t wait to read more from this author


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4.9/5309 ratings