Simplified Qabala Magic By Ted Andrews

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Simplified Qabala Magic By Ted Andrews


Book/Novel Author: Ted Andrews

Book/Novel Title: Simplified Qabala Magic



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Within each of us is the potential to manifest greater fulfillment, love, and light into every area of our lives. Through the magic and mysticism of the Qabala, you can gain a greater understanding of your spiritual nature and unique talents, and use them more positively and creatively in your life.

This popular introductory guidebook to the Qabala is straightforward, simple, and encouraging. It explains the fundamentals of the Qabala and the Tree of Life, without the intimidating detail and complexities.

Simplified Qabala Magic presents easy-to-follow techniques for utilizing the transformative energies of the Qabala, all at your own pace and comfort level. Included are meditative techniques, the basics of Pathworking, and both Qabalistic Cross and Middle Pillar exercises for strength and protection.
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Great little informative and inspirational book on the Qabala, for novices and not. A simplified guidebook to what Qabalustic Magic is about.
This is an essential read for any practicing magician or anyone that’s interested in the Tree of Life. Written well and very easy to digest complicated material. Highly recommend.

Easy to understand. Detailed in the most simplified way. I am going to buy more of Ted Andrews books since I enjoyed this one so much!


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