Single Girl Rules #ThreeHeadedMonster By Ivy Smoak

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Single Girl Rules #ThreeHeadedMonster By Ivy Smoak


Book/Novel Author: Ivy Smoak

Book/Novel Title: Single Girl Rules #ThreeHeadedMonster



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I’m the ultimate single girl. But I’m also the best girlfriend in the world.So when my lesser half invites me to Harvard to help him get into the most exclusive club on campus, I’m happy to help.In fact, I’m willing to do anything to get him into this club.Even if it means taking my top off during a scavenger hunt.Or slipping away during a fancy dinner to use my best persuasion skills on one of his future brothers.I might even have to tame a three-headed monster…whatever that means. Spoiler alert – it’s a sex thing.Single Girl Rules #ThreeHeadedMonster is a novella filled with love, laughs, and SO. MUCH. STEAM.
Chasity is crazy and Chad…is so insecure but I guess you would be.. #threeheadedmonster. This story had me laughing. Again hilariously funny can’t wait for the next story. Kinda feel sorry for Ash.
This book is so outrageously funny that it will have you in tears from laughing! Chastity is more “outgoing” in this book, so be fore warned….
This is another hit for Ivy! She is a great storyteller and I am always wishing for more! The characters are well-rounded, hilarious, and somehow relatable (even when the most ridiculous thing happens to them).
Chastity is so confident and wild! You think you know what’s going to happen but a new fun twist shocks you!! You can’t go wrong with ANY book by Ivy Smoak!!
Ivy always knows how to make me laugh. This book was definitely one off her crazier ones. it is a Must read!
Chasity is trying to get Chad into the Gryphon club. She will literally do anything. While she is trying to follow the Single girl rules. The situations she gets herself in are hilarious. Especially the way she thinks. It’s a fun short story. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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