Sin’s Enticement By Ciara St James

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Sin’s Enticement: Ares Infidels MC #1 (Tenillo Guardians AIMC) By Ciara St James


Book/Novel Author: Ciara St James

Book/Novel Title: Sin’s Enticement



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After years of serving his country, Sin reclaims his life and forms the Ares Infidels MC, with like-minded military brothers. They decide his home town of Tenillo, Texas is the perfect place to build their futures. By forming a club where they get to make the rules and determine what orders to follow.Him and his brothers think life is going great, until a conversation with the new Chief of Police and Times Served MC president, Boss. That’s when they discover their town is in crisis. One that none of them plan to let continue. They join forces to make sure it doesn’t.However, Sin is blindsided almost immediately by the beautiful Lyric, a high school teacher fearing for the safety of her students. She’s looking for someone to help her. One meeting and she becomes Sin’s enticement, his universe.As Sin works to convince her to give this former Navy Seal turned biker a chance, more crimes and shady dealings come to light. Ones that show Tenillo is in more trouble than any of them first imagined.Again, and again, danger finds them and their allies and Lyric seems to be at the center of it. Sin, the Ares Infidels, and the Time Served guys battle to protect their town, their loved ones, and their futures. Sin and Lyric’s tale may end in happily ever after for them, but the trials and tribulations are far from over for these two clubs or their town. They have a town to rescue. And they’ll bring the fury of the Ares Infidels down on anyone who gets in the way.





4.9/5309 ratings