Slay By E. L. Todd

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Slay (Fuse Book 4) By E. L. Todd


Book/Novel Author: E. L. Todd

Book/Novel Title: Slay



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From a New York Times bestselling author comes an action-packed fantasy adventure with a taste of adventure, romance, magic, and dragons!The events of Anastille have unfolded in the most unexpected ways, and with the odds stacked against them, victory is merely a hope. But our heroes will do what they can to free the imprisoned dragons, to overthrow King Lux from his throne, and heal the divided factions of a war-torn country.
This was truly the best series I read, it pulled you into the story, loved most of the characters,definitely sharing it. Thank you for sharing!!!
This series is amazing! I read the entire series and I couldn’t put it down. This was one of the best fantasy series I’ve ever read. I recommend you start this series today. You will not be disappointed!
I’ve read the entire series in order 1 through 4 and enjoyed the ups and downs of the characters. Cora is definitely the heroine through out the series and where it was impossible to unite the races, she did by her selflessness and tenacity. Being humble in the face of great calamity strengthens this story and series.
This book was hard to put down. Such passion and creativity! I loved the characters. The book was suspenseful heart wrenching and heart warming….never wanted it to end!
Riviting from the first book till the last. A great storyteller with a vision that grabbed me from the beginning and took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. The books stand on their own.
Not plot wise…just that it followed the too often trope of trying to rush an ending and it failed. There’s a part where it seems like a new quest for a certain plant is underway and it’s traveled and quested and solved in two paragraphs. Something that plagued this world for centuries was a two paragraph solve. And had about that same reveal due to another solve.There were a few new characters that were interesting …but no development and to keep things simple people die but they weren’t pivotal or it was trite.Sucks cause I really liked the series-Oh and ‘that’s hot’ isn’t something that felt right for the world or is a phrase that should be bright back. It even read in a P Hilton voice as it was so not pertinentOh and and everyone that swears they won’t do something on their honor etc caves almost instantlyAt least Ashe made her work for it ….Really didn’t like it sorry


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