Smugglers By Matt Rogers

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Smugglers: A King & Slater Thriller (The King & Slater Series Book 14) By Matt Rogers


Book/Novel Author: Matt Rogers

Book/Novel Title: Smugglers



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THE WORST CONDITIONS KING’S EVER FACED…It starts the way it always does: with a desire to help.Dawn Cates, a retired schoolteacher from Millinocket, drinks her sorrows away at the local tavern. King recognises her. He ran into her his first week in town, and he can’t shake the urge to ask what’s wrong. She watched her dog die in a hit-and-run, and she thinks she knows who did it, but she’s scared…Of what?King’s not scared of much, and heads east to the coastal town of Lubec to smash heads together. But what he finds eclipses anything he could have imagined, a global operation so vast it defies belief. And to bring the whole empire crashing down, he concocts one of his craziest plans yet.From the snow-capped mountains of Maine to the jungles of South America, it’s a descent into madness across the North Atlantic Ocean…What readers are saying about King & Slater:★★★★★ – “Slater and King working together is a whole new adventure. Twice as much death and destruction. Twice as much adventure and excitement.”★★★★★ – “Separately, forces to be reckoned with: together, virtually unstoppable.”★★★★★ – “Two of the best warriors I’ve met in a long while. Can’t wait to see who they tackle next time.”★★★★★ – “It was absolutely fantastic. Loved every minute and I had a hard time putting it down. The action never stops.”★★★★★ – “This book was a treat from start to finish. I continue to be amazed by Matt’s ability to come up with truly creative situations for our beloved King and Slater to be thrown into.”★★★★★ – “I think you’ll understand what makes them tick. The deepest part of their hearts are exposed.”★★★★★ – “Jason and Will together. What could be better? Powerful, tense, emotional and fast-paced.”★★★★★ – “Two minds that are so coordinated makes for excitement whatever they do. Matt’s really hit one out of the park with this book.”★★★★★ – “The ensuing combat takes on more importance as family, treachery, and the sheer volume of corruption are factored in.”
If you’re familiar with the duo of King and Slater you shan’t be disappointed in Matt Rogers latest tome. Excitement, love, romance, and cat like reflexes added to corruption, drugs, and money. What a wonderful combination and another great story from Matt Rogers. I have read them all (some three times) and I have yet to be disappointed as I have watched my intrepid heroes grow and morph into men who care enough to send the very best – themselves.
As usual exciting and we’ll written, looking forward to the next adventure. Can’t believe this was 14 in the series.
I have read the entire Jason King series and all of the King and Slater series. I really enjoy them, easy to read and hard to put down.
King and Slater never disappoint. Book 14 was action packed. Spelling has improved. Hopefully it won’t be long until book 15.
Great moral to this book. Love the new England style. Unfortunately corrupt politicians extend all the way to the top. Consequences can be a bear. Karma exists.
As always, action packed! I wish I could make myself slow down on reading these books because I know it takes a long time to write them. However, this book I read in one day. As always awaiting their next adventure


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4.9/5309 ratings