Snake By Pandora Snow

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Snake: M.E.D.I.C.S.: A Steamy Instalove Military Medical Romance By Pandora Snow


Book/Novel Author: Pandora Snow

Book/Novel Title: Snake

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He’s saved lives. He’s saved the day. But he’ll need a God-given miracle to save her.

The moment our eyes met, I was hers. Instantly. Unconditionally.

I would have obtained her number, but I was full commando. Not appropriate.

Our paths crossed again; her free open spirit willing to take a chance with me. I even brought flowers.

Commander Brigham nearly shut the door in my face when I called for her that first night. 

Everyone thought I was joking, including Matthis. But she turned out to be real. Oh so intoxicatingly real.

I can move fast, but her intense urgency to be intimate with me set off blaring alarm bells. She’s sheltered. She’s needy. She’s sick.

So am I. My spinal injuries may never fully heal. Re-enlisting is out of the question. At least I have a trusted squad member to set me right.

“Snake?” Matthis asks, walking across the rehab floor.

“Good Morning, handsome,” I say with a broad smile and an uncomfortably long handshake.

“You can’t be serious; you’re my next appointment?” He’s half laughing and half thoroughly confused.

“Yes, Maam, doctor’s orders. I expect you to keep your hands where I can see them, Sergeant.” 

I always play by the rules and follow orders. No one denies the Commander. I’m a dedicated, loyal soldier.

Someone needs to come to my rescue before I make the biggest mistake of my life and leave her. I love her. For as long as she has left.

Snake is a steamy, heartbreaking, tender military romance. If you love happy endings where the good guy finishes first, enlist in his squad today.

Read Snake, Book 6 of the new M.E.D.I.C.S. series. That’s an order!

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