Society of Psychos By Caroline Peckham

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Society of Psychos (Dead Men Walking Duet Book 2) By Caroline Peckham


Book/Novel Author: Caroline Peckham

Book/Novel Title: Society of Psychos



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I’m the prince of death.A son of carnage born of wicked deeds and sin-filled nightmares.Nobody understood me. Until her.My Spider.The wild girl I claimed from a sea of violent men. But others want her too…The enemies who lurk within my walls seek to steal her from my grasp. They’re my captives, but maybe they’re the answer to my greatest fear too. Because the Grim Reaper shadows every move I make, and he’s always watching her.Perhaps I need a ring of warriors to surround my little psycho and protect her from death’s claws.Because now she’s stolen my black heart, I can’t fail her like I’ve failed before.This is a dark romance series where the main character will end up with more than one love interest. This series is set in the United States of Anarchy universe. All the series in this world can be read independently but if you’d like to enjoy the crossover characters then you may also want to check out Kings of Quarantine and The Harlequin Crew
I couldn’t have imagined a better ending! I have been chomping at my nails, checking the calendar, holding my breath waiting for this book to release. What better way to finish of a holiday weekend.
This duet was painful af to read. It is unnecessarily long—we’re talking around 1,000 pages. And the weird thing is, nothing happens in this duet. It’s painfully slow, filled with unneeded fluff that didn’t assist the plot in any way. There is no $ ex in all of book 1, and barely any in book 2. Whenever there is a $ ex scene, they felt boring, flat, and unimaginative. It took 500 years for anything to happen in this series. Every time it felt like something big might happen in the plot, it just didn’t. Reading these books felt like the equivalent of trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip. I do not recommend this diet.
This story is amazing!! For everyone that wants to see what someone just a little crazy lives like, this is it! Brooklynn’s thoughts popping out all the time, Niall’s crazy matching hers, AJ and Matteo’s cunningness mixed in with everything just makes it a must read! One of my favorites by far!
This second book definitely stepped up the heat and let loose the crazy. I just freaking love all of them and their dynamic so much. Genuine belly laughs happened while reading about their shenanigans. But everything is also so well rounded. These psychos hit you with a bunch of insightful truth bombs when you least expect it. And glitter grenades. Lots of bl00dsh3d, revenge, laughs, swoons, and spice. I’m gonna miss these characters a lot.Side note: Angry Jack during the club scene. ‍
Oh my gosh!! The sisters did it again!! Another absolutely incredibly done series of theirs! I devoured these books in two days! Couldn’t put them down!I loved seeing characters from the other series pop in! The way these books all tie in are so good!Brooklyn was a special kind of crazy, and I loved that she was so unapologetically herself! Loved her and her society of psychos!
The twisted sister’s did it again! Amazing, bloody, hilarity, and drama twisted together as only these authors can do! I love the cross overs with the other books. I have to back and read them all again looking for tidbits I missed the first time around.


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