Songs of Home By Valerie M. Bodden

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Songs of Home: A Christian Romance (River Falls Book 2) By Valerie M. Bodden


Book/Novel Author: Valerie M. Bodden

Book/Novel Title: Songs of Home



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Can God turn the worst day of her life into the best thing that has ever happened to her?In the wake of a very public—and very scandalous—breakup, country music star Lydia St. Peter finds herself in need of a place of refuge. She doesn’t know why she thinks she’ll find it with the family she never knew she had in River Falls, Tennessee, but at least the small town will offer her the privacy she so desperately craves.She never expects it to offer more—in the form of her new landlord, Liam, and his troubled teenage daughter.When single dad Liam returns to his hometown of River Falls, it’s with the intention of taking care of his mother and protecting his daughter. He knows his own happiest years are behind him. They died with his wife.What he doesn’t see coming is the instant connection with the new tenant staying in his mother’s carriage house.As Lydia feels the pull of family and Liam allows himself to open to the possibility of love again, a new relationship starts to blossom. But when Lydia is presented with an opportunity that could rocket her to household-name status, she has to decide whether she’s willing to give up everything she’s gained in River Falls to chase her dreams—or if her heart has finally found its home.*A shorter, novella version of this story was previously published as Heart’s Home in the limited edition Love’s Treasure Collection.*
In the dark we lose our way. Without light we feel isolated. But God says He’s still with us, and to just believe. But believing is the hard part when your life has been thrown into turmoil and you don’t know which way to turn or who to trust. Strangely enough God sent Liam into Lydia’s life when she was betrayed by two people she deeply trusted. And amazingly enough He sent Lydia into Liam’s life to help him learn to live again. The light which is Jesus will show us the way home.
I really felt sorry Lydia. What a mess ! I was happy when she jumped into Liam’s vehicle, and wouldn’t get out. I don’t want to reveal too much. Trust me – this is a really good story!
It was wonderful that she was able to reconnect with her family and that Liam was able to make inroads with Mia.
I just love Valerie Bodden books. They are wonderful Christian books full of romance and love. I could barely put down Songs of Home….I promise you will love this book as much as I did.

Love this book! Love this series! Love this author! This is a romance of a couple who are not in their 20s, but in their 40s. It was a great read!


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