Souls By Brynne Asher

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Souls: A Killers Novel, Book 6 (The Killers) By Brynne Asher


Book/Novel Author: Brynne Asher

Book/Novel Title: Souls



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From USA Today Bestselling Author Brynne Asher, a forced proximity romantic suspense about a woman on the run and a tortured soul.The princess and a dead man.They say money makes the world go round. They’d be wrong.Sure, power can be bought, but you can gain a hell of a lot more with knowledge. With knowledge comes fear.I’ve seen it.I’ve caused it.I’ve even been the brunt of it.But when a stowaway princess barrels into my life like a runaway train, I throw patience out the window—the same one I jump out of, taking her with me. Now I’ve got more problems than any contract killer deserves.That includes Aliyah Zahir—an internationally coveted socialite, a true royal, and a social media sensation. Returning to the lion’s den, she ends up in harm’s way—all for a mirage.She’s chasing a ghost.But instead, she finds a dead man.I’m done being patient. It’s my turn to administer fear for a change, and no one is better equipped to fix Liyah’s problems than me.And I’m never giving her back.
I usually don’t enjoy series this long. Two or three books max for me. But I keep coming back to this family of misfits. Each book is well written and I appreciate that so much! Worth the read…and re-read.
I’m at a loss for words… Ozzy and Liyah were made for each other. Their story is explosive! A trained killer and a real princess; what could possibly go wrong? They heal each other in ways they didn’t think they needed. One is dead and the other living a life they thought wanted. Until danger brings them together…
Thanks for putting this in Kindle Unlimited. I love these books and this one was so exciting. It is great.
Page one to the very last page was riveting! Ozzy and Liyah were determined to have their chance at normal and they deserved their fairy tale ending!
This was my favorite of the whole series and that’s a one hard to say since they were all AHHHHMAZING! The Killers series literally killed it!
I love these characters and this series. The action is fast paced and the writing is excellent. I would read any book in the series.


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4.9/5309 ratings