South By Vanessa Vale

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South (Billionaire Ranch Book 2) By Vanessa Vale


Book/Novel Author: Vanessa Vale

Book/Novel Title: South



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Women want me for my money. My name. I’m South Wainright and winning my heart means the keys to Billionaire Ranch.Getting in my bed’s one thing, but my heart’s off limits.Until I see her. The maid. She’s new to town. A beautiful mystery.Sweet, shy and… not interested.For some reason, she doesn’t want a man with a fortune, which means we’re perfect for each other.I fall and fall hard. Except Maisey’s living a lie.She is a lie.Because after a lifetime of deception, I need the truth.
I enjoyed this book and this series. South is a billionaire from Billionaire Ranch and Maisey was hired to clean the ranch. They meet and there is an instant attraction. South goes against the rules and picks Maisey up and starts to date her. Then she steals from the ranch. South has to go into the firing pit and try to save Maisey from leaving broke and broken. He has to find out what really happened at the Ranch and try to straighten things out with him and his family.
She has the Alpha male down pat along with the string and feisty females. Ms Vale’s book are ALWAYS a great joy to read for me. They take me away from my own struggles and well they are truly reads!!! Now I gotta wait another month for East’s story!
Scrumptious. Both South and Maisey have family problems that they can never seem to get away from. South meets Maisey while she is cleaning his sisters house and he knows in that instant that she is “the one“, But it takes a little convincing on his part. Maisey is shy, withdrawn, keeps to her self, and soon South will find out why. Maisie has always taken care of everyone else and doesn’t know how to lean on anyone. South wants to change that. He wants to be her protector in every way. Such a great book. Great storyline and I love the way they fall in love so quickly. When you know, you know.
‘South’ is the second book in Vanessa Vale’s “Billionaire Ranch” series. If you’ve read the first book, ‘North’, then you know the Wainright children have literally gone through hell and are still putting together their individual pieces to find out what the full picture actually is. DNA testing has come back and South is in shock, to say the least. Suspense, danger, secrets, lies, and discovery are all combined with instant chemistry that makes both South’s and Maisy’s, the Wainright’s housekeeper, head spin. Both have reason to be skeptical of relationships and yet they’ve decided not to waste a moment. The story is fast-moving, the characters are relatable, and left me wanting more from this family. What a great read.
A terrific follow up to the first story in this series with the fabulous Wainwright siblings. This one features South the artist with high standards. He didn’t buy into the rich life but made his own way to success without the family billions. It’s an insta, hot connection when the Billionaire Ranch house cleaner, Maisey, encounters the hot cowboy. She’s a down and out young woman on the run from her horrible home life and an evil twin. I love the sweet, innocent woman and her hot chemistry with the sexy South. Yum! The danger and suspense are a result of the evil twin’s schemes when she interferes in Maisey’s life. That causes problems with her budding romance with South. It’s an intense ride when the evildoers run amok with Maisey in their clutches until the Wainwrights and the wonderful Jed come to the rescue. There’s a carryover with the drama around the siblings’ nasty dead “father”, Macon Wainwright. The results are in and surprise! One of the sibs is actual a child of Macon’s. Not saying who but this mystery is to be continued when the sibs hunt for their real father. Looks like East, the professor, is next up. Teacher/student drama should be intense. Can’t wait! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.
Both South and Maisey had three strikes against them before they met. But togetherxthey were able to overcome their family problems, looking to a bright future together.


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