Spark By Helen Hardt

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Spark (Steel Brothers Saga Book 19) By Helen Hardt


Book/Novel Author: Helen Hardt

Book/Novel Title: Spark



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He’ll do anything for his family…Donovan “Donny” Steel is on a partnership track with a major Denver law firm. He loves his city career and his luxurious downtown loft, and life is going just how he planned it…until his mother, the city attorney for his hometown of Snow Creek, Colorado, asks him to move back and work for her when her assistant retires. Mom asks? Donny goes. Because he’ll do anything for the family who took him in twenty-five years ago. The fact that he can pick up where he left off with gorgeous Callie Pike is simply a fringe benefit.Caroline “Callie” Pike was looking forward to finally beginning law school at age twenty-six, but the western slope fire that destroyed most of her family’s vineyards put that plan on hold. At least she has Donny Steel’s return to look forward to. After she spent an evening with him at a recent party, he hasn’t strayed far from her mind.When Donny and Callie meet again, sparks do more than fly. They shoot like rockets to the stars. But their chemistry can’t protect them from the emerging mysteries regarding the Steel family’s past…or the secret Callie is keeping as well.Read more
Wonderful collection of books. Can’t wait to read the next one! I can’t get enough of the Steel Brothers Saga!
I can’t wait for the next book I need to set what happens with donny and callie. I live the mystery of these books.
I liked how this book showed a different side of what happened to Dale and Donny. Donny’s point of view. I also like how they both choose Strong women to help them through their journey.Can’t wait for the next book to come out!!!
Helen Hardt never disappoints. I love all of the Steele Brothers Saga books. She has a way with captivating you and then holding you in suspense until the saga continues..
Leaves you wanting and needing moreof the story as it continues to unfold. Love how she develops the characters.
These book have captivated me….I read from 9-20 in just a few weeks ,staying up too late when I had work the next day.I love the ongoing stories…how it goes from one generation to the next…..please keep them coming…..Once u start reading u just can’t stop…..I don’t want them to ever end!!!!


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