Spell Hound By Lindsay Buroker

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Spell Hound (A Witch in Wolf Wood Book 2) By Lindsay Buroker


Book/Novel Author: Lindsay Buroker

Book/Novel Title: Spell Hound



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Since Morgen Keller arrived in the small town of Bellrock, she’s learned that magic is real, fought battles with werewolves, and managed to turn the local witches into enemies. As an introverted database programmer, she’s not equipped to handle any of this.Fortunately, she has an ally: the fearsome werewolf Amar.Unfortunately, one of the witches branded him and can take control of him whenever she wishes.To have a chance of freeing her werewolf ally, Morgen must learn to harness the power she inherited from her grandmother. She may also have to find a familiar, confront a powerful witch, and admit that she has feelings for Amar. What could go wrong?Read more
Liked the further character development.A fantasy situation that seems plausible.Very good.Also, the basic theme of good versus evil with an interesting way of presenting both.
So fun,fun to sit and read. Fantastic imagination to write this book.Thanks for keeping me entertained. Keep writing don’t stop
The ferret was my favorite part. These are delicious books, and it’s a great little series to brighten a gloomy fall.Highly recommended.
I have always enjoyed Lindsay’s writings. These are quite different from the others I have read. However, I find myself cackling and guffawing from the fun and the adventures.So glad that book 3 is already available.
It’s just not long enough!Lindsay Buroker, please put an 800 page minimum on all your books from now on…. I don’t want them to end!
The plot thickens. I really love the main characters and I really hate the witches! Well most of the witches, they seem to be unreasonable. I’m looking forward to book 3, I recommend the read it’s very entertaining. Happy Reading!!


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4.9/5309 ratings