Splinters Act I – the Akasha Frontier By Hani Amir

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Splinters Act I – the Akasha Frontier By Hani Amir


Book/Novel Author: Hani Amir

Book/Novel Title: Splinters Act I – the Akasha Frontier

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On an Earth ravaged by climate change, the remnants of humanity live underneath the simulated skies of the umbrella cities. As a solution to the food and water crisis, the League of Nations looks to a new frontier. In the Akasha Sector, supertrawlers fish the oceans of Iris, while the mangroves of Atlantis are pumped dry for water.
Cellophane, a mysterious young woman from Atlantis, wakes up on Mars with no recollection of how she got there. Umar, a dealer of trafficked cocoa, struggles to make a living within the slums that exist within the Spine of the New Dubai umbrella. Kiedis, hoping to work on the supertrawler, hurtles out of the sun on a collision course towards the oceans of Iris. Meanwhile, Laxmi, a lieutenant in the League of Nations’ army, does her best to rise within the ranks so as to unravel the truth of her reality.
Their worlds will collide in Splinters Act I – The Akasha Frontier. **

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