Spy x Family, Vol. 7 By Tatsuya Endo

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Spy x Family, Vol. 7 By Tatsuya Endo


Book/Novel Author: Tatsuya Endo

Book/Novel Title: Spy x Family, Vol. 7



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As Donovan Desmond is about to share a rare family moment with his son Damian, Twilight cuts in to meet his target face-to-face for the first time. Can Twilight find some way to endear himself to the inscrutable Donovan?

the whole volume is shorter than the rest causing the top 1/4 inch of all the pages to be cut off, and the bottom 1/4 inch of each page is white with no printing because of this, when stacked next to the other 6 volumes it doesn’t line up in hight and the printed spine is also off making the letters higher than the others, really disappointed and dissatisfied with this as it means I’ll need to buy a new one to make it all line up nicely. as someone who collects manga this is really annoying to see on my shelf every day. the actual series is good, but I just got a misprint. :/
I enjoyed this volume as well, especially the latter chapters.Loyd is now completely devoted to being Anya’s dad. Hehe

The delivery only took a day and the story is great. The only complaint I have is the condition I received it in. Upon looking at it first glance there isn’t too much a problem. But when looking at it more I saw that the book had many bends and the book was dirty. The damages to the book are upsetting but the book has a great story to it


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