Star Father By Charlie N. Holmberg

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Star Father: A Novel (Star Mother Book 2) By Charlie N. Holmberg


Book/Novel Author: Charlie N. Holmberg

Book/Novel Title: Star Father



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When the heavens go dark, hearts still glow for a mortal woman and a god in an exhilarating fantasy by Charlie N. Holmberg, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Star Mother.In a heavenly war, the moon is prevailing…It happens in an instant, filling Aija with dread: the Sun is suddenly cast from the sky, throwing the Earth into midday darkness. On the fourth day of endless night, Aija finds an unconscious man by the river. His skin is as hot as her lantern’s glass and just as golden. To Aija, a farmhand with the soul of an artist, this beautiful stranger is an inspiration—and a mystery. He calls himself Saiyon. He bleeds light. His friends are celestial. His enemies, godlings of the moon.Between Aija and Saiyon, attraction grows warmer. For Aija, an unfathomable revelation: she’s falling in love with the earthbound Sun God. When Saiyon’s faltering powers are restored to full glory, what then? There’s a way Aija can become immortal, too. Saiyon can’t support such a risk.Aija chooses to follow her heart to places darker and more dangerous than she realizes. Whatever sacrifices lie ahead, they’re the only way to make an impossible true love last forever.
I’ve discovered the pursuit of happiness has no limits if you really want to be happy and understand what that means. A beautiful love story, based on laws, war, differences, and most of all loneliness.
There first book Star Mother drew me in. Star Father kept me in the edge of wanting to finish it in one reading, however I took it slow to revel in its entirety. It was damn worth it!
Following the wonderful book Star Mother this book is a fitting end to a romance between gods and mortals that warms the heart
You have a way with words, I am glad you do. Every time I read one of your books I enter a new world.
Charlie Holmberg is an amazing author. Star Mother made me cry so much I was almost afraid to read this book. I’m so glad I did though because WHAT A FREAKING RIDE!!! This book was so much fun. While Star Mother had plenty of adventure in it, it was much more heart-rending. Star Father kept you at the seat of your pants. I could not put this book down. I will say there were still plenty of tears, but I just can’t get over how well-written these books are.
Just when I think I have it figured out, the author surprises me. There was foreshadowing, but I missed it.Thoroughly enjoyed the escape! Thanks for another great read!


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