Starfallen By Brandon Clark

Starfallen (Lost Stars) by Brandon Clark

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Book/Novel Author: Brandon Clark

Book/Novel Title: Starfallen

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They Escaped Extermination. But is Salvation worth the price?Kairk is the captain of the Tavani, a tribe on the verge of eradication at the hands of their power hungry neighbors. With only their spears and each other, they face down an enemy they know they cannot defeat. But as they make their last stand, help comes from the sky. Explorers from off-planet buy Kairk’s tribe another day, and offer them the tools to survive. The only problem is they require the tribe’s most sacred relic in return.Kairk is willing to save his people, but he’s opposed by the person he loves the most. His wife Cora is adamant that giving up the relic means sacrificing the very soul of the Tavani people, and would rather die than allow their identity to be stolen. Kairk is faced with an impossible decision. Save his people and lose his wife, or risk all their lives and hold to their identity.Starfallen is the first in a series of novellas by Brandon Clark.

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