Stay With Me By Amanda Bailey

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Stay With Me By Amanda Bailey


Book/Novel Author: Amanda Bailey

Book/Novel Title: Stay With Me

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There was nothing fake about the way he felt for her.
Since the death of her mother four years ago, college senior Brooklynn Slade has put an immense amount of pressure on herself: keeping her grades up, supporting her family, and participating in collegiate-level cheerleading. When a persistent suitor won’t take no for an answer, she finally snaps, kissing an unsuspecting familiar face in hopes that her pursuer will take the hint and go away.
Her lips land on Jordan Moore, a recently graduated wide receiver from the football team. Unbeknownst to her, he has long admired Brooklynn—reverently watching her cheer from his place on the field. Despite his focus on preparing for the NFL draft, he’s determined to find the time to help her dissuade this guy from following her around. He takes on a new role: fake boyfriend. The only problem? The deeper they get into their relationship, the more real it seems.
When undeniable emotions erupt on the field of play, will they find a way to win at love?

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