Still Left Out By the System By Constantin Step

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Still Left Out By the System: Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG Adventure (Lonely Apocalypse Book 2) By Constantin Step


Book/Novel Author: Constantin Step

Book/Novel Title: Still Left Out By the System



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Imagine being the only human left on an Earth occupied by monsters, aliens, and worse. Sounds terrible? Well. . .it’s not so bad when you are an introverted battle junkie like me.Honestly, I was almost starting to appreciate being left behind while everyone else was given the chance to prepare for the mess Earth had gotten itself into. On a side note, it turns out I’m pretty good at hunting monsters. Though dragons and such are a bit out of my league. Just a bit.I survived dozen-something kobolds that wanted me dead, and now it’s time to pay back their leader. Unfortunately for the poor doggies, I have made some allies. Allies they’re gonna hate.There’s just one tiny detail that bothers me. My talking cat companion is hiding something. Something big. Something that has the potential to make deadly monsters the least of my worries. . .Series info: Lonely Apocalypse 2: Still Left Out by the System is the second volume in the thrilling LitRPG series. Fans of the RPG genre will find a sophisticated progression system with Levels, Ranks, and Quests built upon compelling logic. As our hero seeks magical powers via Concepts—special abilities based on each individual’s personal traits—he grows not only in power but as a person, too. Follow Lex as he uncovers shocking truths about himself and his home planet alike. Why did the enigmatic System call it Mirror Earth, anyway? The answers lie in this latest addition to the Post-Apocalypse genre!
I really enjoyed reading this book. This one ended on quite a twist and I can’t wait for the next one
I would have never guessed that the writer was a non-native English speaker. I found the book entertaining and pretty well paced. I only have two complaints, the game mechanics are needlessly complex. I appreciate that the author is being very thoughtful about game system, but in this case, less is more.The second issue is it really makes no sense for someone who is keeping a low profile to randomly team up with strangers and bring them to his home base. Especially, when these strangers happen to be alien invaders.
I read a bit over a book a day over some years, mostly SF&F, so I’ve seen the tropes. This pair of books is going well.
Seriously, if an author is going to go to the effort of creating a system consisting of player levels, tiers of power, a multiverse of worlds, percentages of affinity, increasing levels of skill capability, and more… then the single most destructive thing possible is to inject something that can overpower everything else.I had a small bad feeling that this might happen when we were told that everything exists in the void, foreshadowing the introduction of the “Just pull whatever you want from the void” plot device. The bad feeling got louder when we were told that the cat suspected that her mom had been “absorbed” by her dad who was obviously that Tyrant Other Lex. And that bad feeling howled in disgust as not only did Tyrant Lex reach out and possess Good Lex through the walls of that universe from an entirely separate diverging timeline, but Tyrant Lex also hacked into Good Lex’s system and started mucking about.So, if these separate Lex timelines can much about with each other’s system options, why have a system at all? Why not just settle the storyline with a strength of willpower between them, and have Good Lex take advantage of the foolishness by feeding Tyrant Lex into the emptiness of his own void?If I could, I would award these two books zero stars. However, I grant one star due to the twist of Lex being apparently some sort of wayward soul that was carried into the brother of his crush by his donated organs. Did not see that coming. Although, that twist is also poorly considered because how many organ donors exist on the planet? LOTS. How many people can benefit from one donor? LOTS. So… how many other wayward souls are now in the process of taking over the bodies of their organ recipients? HMMM.I read this using Kindle Unlimited, so all I really invested was time. After returning this book, I won’t be back for the third.
I really liked this book I can’t wait to see where the author takes the story I will definitely read the next book
The protagonist starts hanging out with someone they view clearly as a child, then begins to flirt with them and even undress in front of them. It’s not okay and feels gross to read. You could overlook some of the writing issues and errors (like getting skills and in-universe names wrong during the climax), but not the weird transition for the loner/incel “hero” to start being inappropriate toward a child.


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