Stoffer By Cee Bowerman

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Stoffer: Texas Kings MC, Book 14 By Cee Bowerman


Book/Novel Author: Cee Bowerman

Book/Novel Title: Stoffer



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After years of wandering around the country, car trouble stopped Stoffer in Rojo, Texas, and he quickly realized he never wanted to leave.Not one to share much of himself, Stoffer has found a place to fit in with the Texas Kings even while he holds most of himself back from the men and women around him.A favor for a friend puts him in just the right place at just the right time to meet a little firecracker of a woman who he soon realizes he can’t live without.Unfortunately, that same firecracker shoved him right into the friend zone, and he’s not quite sure how to escape.Isabelle had a rough childhood and fled as soon as she was able – not just to get away but to protect herself and her little sister.After her life drastically changes and spins out of control, a phone call from her sister’s boyfriend brings her back to Rojo.A chance meeting in a dark bar introduces her to one man she’d love to live with but can never touch.With walls so high, no one can breach them, Isabelle protects her heart with bravado and sarcasm when what she really wants to do is open the door and let love in.Best friends are great to have, but sometimes they can be so much more.





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