Stolen Hood By The Grim Sisters

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Stolen Hood By The Grim Sisters


Book/Novel Author: The Grim Sisters

Book/Novel Title: Stolen Hood



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My name is Robyn Loxley Hood.
Yeah, you heard that right. Just like my famous ancestor, I like to steal shit, but who knew my stealing ways could get me in trouble? Apparently, everyone but me.
My brother is missing, I have 3 hot, and very dominant, men trying to steal my heart, oh and a serial killer after me. What’s a girl to do? Steal a dagger, find my brother, and try not to get killed along the way.
About the guys?? Well, everything fun does come in threes.
Warnings: Stolen Hood is a contemporary reverse harem romance that contains dark themes. The book contains violence, gore, swearing, sexual abuse (note: very graphic), consensual sexual themes between Robyn and her men (+18), as well as an array of other dark subject matters. **





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