Stone Cold Queen By Lucy Smoke

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Stone Cold Queen (Sick Boys Book 2) By Lucy Smoke


Book/Novel Author: Lucy Smoke

Book/Novel Title: Stone Cold Queen

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Rule No. 2: Show no fear.They’re vile and twisted. The only thing more fucked up than the Sick Boys is me, and I’m ready to show them. The Sick Boys are hiding something from me. They want to pretend like I didn’t kill my rapist and they didn’t help. But we’re not ordinary college students, that much has become clear to me, and I’m growing tired of all of the lies and secrets. Their masks are cracking and finally, I’m starting to see the grotesque reality underneath. It’s far darker than I ever expected, and it’s not enough. They know everything about me, so now it’s my turn. I fear nothing. Not them. Not the man that I killed or the people who set me up. Fear is for the weak and I, Avalon Manning, am anything but.

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