Stone the Crows By Zoe Parker

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Stone the Crows By Zoe Parker


Book/Novel Author: Zoe Parker

Book/Novel Title: Stone the Crows

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The feathers fly…
A journey into… well, everything. I saw the birth of a star, the death of one too.
The journey changed me in some fundamental way that I’m not quite sure of yet. Something I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.
That leaves Vale… there are many words I could use to describe him, accurately. Most of them are curse words. However, when I step back out of psychedelic wonderland, he’s there. Waiting.
Standing there staring at him, while my heart beats a million miles an hour, I have a grand epiphany.
The Unsylum and everything in it is mine.
**This is not standalone and should be read in order with the first two books in the series. This is the final book** **

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