Storm’s Nightmare By Mary Stone

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Storm’s Nightmare (Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series Book 8) By Mary Stone


Book/Novel Author: Mary Stone

Book/Novel Title: Storm’s Nightmare



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Some nightmares never end…When a confidential informant hands FBI Agent Amelia Storm the flash drive containing the information he gave her brother Trevor before he was killed, Amelia realizes she’s holding a time bomb waiting to explode. Especially when its contents reveal the extent to which the senator on the FBI’s radar has infiltrated Chicago’s law enforcement system.But Amelia’s investigation into her brother’s murder is put on the back burner when the body of a young girl with her eyes gruesomely removed is found in the trunk of a black Nissan scheduled for processing at a local junkyard. Better yet, the salvage yard is run by the Leónes, the mafia family suspected to be behind Trevor’s death.Is the murderer tied to the Leónes…or a serial killer smart enough to dump his victims in a mafia-affiliated junkyard? The only thing Amelia knows for sure is the clock is ticking before the killer strikes again.From the wickedly dark minds of Mary Stone and Amy Wilson comes Storm’s Nightmare, book eight of the Amelia Storm Series. But beware. Sometimes the eyes aren’t the windows of the soul, but the reflection of something more sinister.Scroll up to grab your copy today!
A serial killer preys on victims who’s eyes taunt him from a childhood bully. While we searching for the killer. Amelia Storm is closer to finding out why here brother was taken from her. This book kept my EYES glued to the pages!
Five stars outstanding a page turner from beginning to the end fast moving great story with amazing plot the characters!
Strong characters and engrossing storylines. Pulls you into story, while often letting you into the mind of the criminals not just the agent’s .
I always love any of Mary Stone’s boks. New favorite author! I have read all of her series and I love them all and they all have different protagonists with fabulous stories and styles. I can’t reccomend her enough.
Love reading the series. All of the Characters have great back stories. Anticipating the reading the next book. Hopefully we do not have to wait long for it.
Mary Stone is one of the best mystery writers there is and she doesn’t disapoint with her Amelia storm series.


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4.9/5309 ratings