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STRIKE: A Novel of the Battle of Midway By Craig DiLouie


Book/Novel Author: Craig DiLouie

Book/Novel Title: STRIKE



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After a lifelong dream of flight takes him into military service, Ensign Harry Hartmann reports for duty at Pearl Harbor. He’s a “nugget,” a dive bomber pilot about to start his first deployment aboard the USS Enterprise.Hell rains from the skies as the Japanese launch a devastating surprise attack that forces America into a bloody, global war. With the Bombing Six, Harry takes to the skies seeking vengeance and finds himself fighting for his life in breathless, high-speed aerial combat over the Marshall Islands.After the Doolittle Raid rattles Tokyo, the Imperial Japanese Navy embarks on a bold plan to draw America’s aircraft carriers into the open, where they can be destroyed. Their target: Midway Island.The Americans, however, have cracked the Japanese codes and set their own trap. With the call, “Pilots, man your planes,” Harry will join historic carrier strikes aimed at turning the tide of the Pacific War.Strike tells a powerful and exciting story about the Battle of Midway—examining courage in the face of impossible odds, the demands of honor, and whether one man can make a difference.
A great account of the battle after Pearl harbor. We owe so much to these men thank you. Good luck BP
This was a real page-turner. I could not wait to get back to it over the course of a week. My admiration for the aviators who flew the Dauntless is doubly reinforced.
Excellent book on the Midway battle. Have seen and read many accounts of this battle but this one is definitely one of the best. Worth reading
If you are interested in the history of the war in the Pacific you won’t want to put this book down.
I started reading this book and I really got into it. At the end of the book, the author seems to say that Hartman and Curly were real people. I decided to watch the 2019 movie Midway again for the third time. When I got to the part of the book about Curly climbing into the parked plane and shooting at the damaged Japanese bomber that was going to crash into the Enterprise, I went on the internet to check the cast members of the Midway movie, cause in the movie that part of the book really happened. Bruno Gaido jumped into the plane in 1942 parked on the Enterprise and shot at the crashing Japanese bomber. He was promoted that day by Admiral Halsey. Later during the battle to destroy the four Japanese Carriers on their way to bomb Midway, Bruno’s plane was shot down. Bruno and his pilot Lt. Frank O’Flaherty survived crash landing in the ocean. They were rescued by a Japanese warship. They were questioned and then they were murdered by the Japanese. So I expected a different ending for this book. This was a good book and I really enjoyed it.
Strike is not a history of the Battle of Midway, it is a story of a young, raw naval aviator who becomes a warrior. Ensign Harry Hartmann is at Pearl Harbor on Dec.7, 1941, recently graduate from flight school and waiting for the USS Enterprise to return to PH so he can report for duty. When the enemy attack the bases, he finds himself joining two USAAF fighter pilots, jumping into a P-40, a plane he was largely unfamiliar with to engage the Japanese over Pearl Harbor. Right there the reader learns that the book is about putting a likable character into historical moments . I have read quite a bit of history of WW2 and the Battle of Midway, and “ Strike” does give a sort of comic book history of that battle. As such it entertains , with a likable hero, a touch of romance and stirring, well- written battle scenes. Some of the named pilots are real, as noted in the epilogue. I read the book in one sitting. I did not enjoy this book as much as the author’s “Crash Dive”series” about the submarine war. If you are looking for a stirring adventure novel, “ Strike “ will satisfy. It might even encourage you to read one of the many good historical treatments of Midway.


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