Striking Range By Margaret Mizushima

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Striking Range: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery By Margaret Mizushima


Book/Novel Author: Margaret Mizushima

Book/Novel Title: Striking Range



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A deadly secret is buried in the Colorado high country–and murder is only the beginning in the seventh gripping installment of Margaret Mizushima’s Timber Creek K-9 mysteries.

He was suspect number one–the man who tried to kill Deputy Mattie Cobb and may have killed her father thirty years earlier. But when Mattie and cold case detective Jim Hauck reach the Colorado state prison where they will finally get to interview him, he’s found dead in his cell. There’s only one clue: a map leading to Timber Creek and rugged Redstone Ridge.

Though she usually works with veterinarian Cole Walker, Mattie’s K-9 partner Robo has just sired a litter of pups, who require special, time-consuming care at Cole’s clinic. Left to explore the map’s clue without him, Mattie and Robo journey into the burned forest surrounding Redstone Ridge. But before they can finish their search they’re called to help investigate the death of a young woman found in a campground filled with elk hunters. Identification of the deceased points to her having recently given birth, but the infant is nowhere to be found.

As a deadly storm descends upon the mountains, covering everything with a layer of ice and snow, Mattie and her team search for the missing newborn. The storm batters the area, taking its toll on the team and forcing the sheriff to call in reinforcements. When new evidence surfaces, they decide that finding the woman’s killer will lead them to her baby, making them even more desperate to solve the case.

Then Cole goes missing, stranded alone in the high country with a person that Mattie now suspects is the mastermind behind several murders, including her father’s. She and Robo take to the trail to find Cole–but the killer has a cold-blooded plan that threatens them all.
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The plot was interesting and the characters interactions seemed authentic but i say that as someone who had no desk clue about that rural area or policing. It was interesting go get that glimpse of what life might be like I’m that corner of our world. Thank you Ms Mizushima.I hope go read more from you!

I hope not. This series captivated me tremendously and I hope there will be more books about Mattie and Robo to come.The details were very well done, the suspense built without craziness, and the settings were beautifully described.It was easy to get wrapped up in the mysteries and to care about the characters, even though fictional.Very enjoyable reading.I will watch for more from this author!
This is another great mystery set in Timber Creek, Colorado. Deputy Mattie Cobb and K-9 Partner Robo help solve a case involvinghuman trafficking. I love the interaction between Mattie and Robo. There is a lot of action that keeps the story tense and riveting. Maggie’s relationship with the town veterinarian, Cold Walker, is also an interesting side line. I look forward to each new story in this series. Well Written and definitely entertaining.
Here’s my rating system: a 5-star book is life-changing, like To Kill a Mockingbird. A 4-star book must make me laugh, cry, and miss the characters terribly when it’s over. A 3-star book is engaging, well plotted, has good character development, and leaves me wanting more. This was a solid 3-star book. Mizushima is an author From whom I hope to see many more books.
Love these characters. Most especially Robo. I always worry when he’s in danger. Another well written complex story. Can’t wait until the next one


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