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Submit: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (The Sky Clan of the Taori Book 1) By Tana Stone


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I was bought to be a pretty pawn in my alien captors’ twisted entertainment. But the gorgeous, horned alien who saves me from death is no pawn—and he’s determined to beat the hunt. But is he rescuing me or claiming me as his prize?Lia:As if being abducted by space slavers wasn’t bad enough, I’m sold to a species of aliens in need of extras for their immersive entertainment moons, where their privileged citizens can hunt or battle or bed us at their leisure. When I’m separated from my crew and dropped into a lush alien jungle, I have no idea which fantasy moon I’m on—until the first arrow nearly impales me.The alien who saves me and kills my attacker isn’t one of them. He’s a Taori who crash-landed on the moon and is now part of the life-or-death game. Massive and menacing with horns, a tail, and dark ink covering every bit of exposed flesh, Torst eyes me with an undeniable hunger that scares me almost as much as the aliens hunting us. But if I want to survive, my only chance is to accept his protection.Torst:The last thing I need to worry about as I attempt to stay alive and find my fellow Taori warriors is a human female, but once I save Lia from a deadly attack, she is mine to protect. I’m trained to kill and to defend, and I will need to do both if I’m to safeguard the small, alluring creature and survive the aliens’ hunt.If only I didn’t have to worry about my species’ mating fever curse and the strange stirrings within me. Soon I’ll be battling more than the alien hunters. I’ll be fighting off the uncontrollable urge to claim Lia as my mate—whether she wants to be mine or not.SUBMIT is a full-length sci-fi romance novel with an HEA and no cheating. It features hot scenes on a hunting moon, violent alien battles, and some seriously steamy forced proximity scenes.If you like alien abduction romance (as well as dominant and dangerous alien warriors with horns, tails, and bonus parts), you’ll love SUBMIT, the first book in Tana Stone’s sci-fi romance The Sky Clan of the Taori series. Each book can be read as a standalone, but you’ll enjoy them more if you read them in sequence.
Lia and Torst find themselves in the jungle being chased by hunters shooting metal arrows. Lia’s transport ship was attacked, the men all killed and the women stolen and brought to three moons where an alien species uses the human women for sport in various ways. Can they find a way for Torst to survive his mating fever? Can Lia find her scientist friend again? Can they ever survive the hunters and escape the hunters moon? Read to find out and experience the action filled journey with Lia and Torst!
I loved the story, it was filled with action, drama and suspense plus romantic scenes. The plot was excellently done with its unique characters that added co!or and drama. Kudos to the author. I recommend this book to all the readers.
Lots of good action and adventure. The secondary characters are adorable and quirky. The two main characters are typical hero and heroine
The author didn’t know anything about security! Her characters were supposed to be security type people. She’s clueless because they left much needed bows and arrows after killing a bunch of the enemy! Stuff like that throughout!
Wow, what a wonderful adventure . So many different characters, non-stop action, yummy sex scenes, nasty bad guys and fabulous fights . Thanks so much Tana, this is the first book I’ve read by you, but I truly loved it and can’t wait to read more .
Torst is chief of security aboard the sky ship he’s one of the immortal army of Taori a race of aliens journeying through space in pursuit of their enemies. Their current mission though is to find a female for their comrade’s mating fever an affliction that affects their species once every ten Astro years. When they are pulled through a wormhole they find themselves not only in another galaxy but propelled five hundred Astro years into the future. It also accelerates the fever in himself and his shipmates.Appearing in the Xulonian’s airspace a species of cloistered xenophobic aliens they are attacked and their ship destroyed. Taking an escape pod which crashes on one of the planet’s three moons Torst now finds himself in the grip of the fever and the small human female he encounters smells so good. Determined to protect her and also keep her safe not only from the hunters pursuing her but from himself and his own urges Torst struggles fearful of losing control but with the danger escalating their close proximity and eventual surrender is inevitable.Lia is an officer of the Empire when her ship is boarded by slavers she finds herself and her fellow females kidnapped and sold to the Xulonians for sport on one of their Leisure moons. Dumped in the jungle as prey to be hunted Lia is surprised to encounter aid in the form of Torst.Joining forces the two conspire not only to escape their pursuers but actually turn the tables on them.This had an interesting concept and the writing was good. The plot was slightly predictable and there are no great surprises here but it was an easy quick read with likeable characters.The romance is quite insta but there was enough action to offset this and this had quite a fast pace setting things up for the next book in the series.I liked that Lia was portrayed as a capable female and that Torst despite his Alpha protectiveness didn’t try to smother this allowing Lia to participate in her own liberation even whilst wanting to lock her up tight. The intimate scenes were definitely hot but the chemistry didn’t feel completely authentic to me. Still, this was enjoyable enough and the ideas were definitely imaginative it also sets things up here for the next book. Overall I found this an ok read with a sweet romance and it did have some imaginative ideas though I don’t think I’ll be carrying on further with the series.


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