Suffer in Silence By Kelsey Clayton

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Suffer in Silence: A Dark Mafia Romance (Malvagio Mafia Duet Book 1) By Kelsey Clayton


Book/Novel Author: Kelsey Clayton

Book/Novel Title: Suffer in Silence



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From USA Today bestselling author Kelsey Clayton comes a dark mafia romance filled with pain, betrayal, devastation, and revenge.Monsters don’t hide in dark alleys.They lurk in plain sight, clawing into your soul with cordial smiles.They wear Armani, they drive Cadillacs, they attend fundraising balls…And they rule the city with a merciless fist.The Familia is a mystery to most,and sitting on its throne is Kage Malvagio.Vile.Sadistic.Painstakingly beautiful.Some say: Ask for forgiveness, never permission.Kage asks for neither.Especially when he gets his hands on me.I should hate him.I should run at the first chance I get.But how could the devil be so bad when he looks at me like that?Suffer in Silence is book one of the Malvagio Mafia Duet and ends on a cliffhanger. This dark romance deals with topics that may be triggering to some readers. It is not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.
I wasn’t sure going in….but dang Kelsey had my attention. I was obsessed with finding out what would happen to Saxon. That cliffhanger was awesome, leaving me hangin hard….. So much so that in had to download book 2 immediately so I could find out what happened. My favorite was all the different nicknames Kage tried for Saxon!! I recommend this book if you love Mafia!
If you are into Mafia Romance, this is going to be right up your alley. It is hella sexy and I’m not gonna lie violent AF. The relationship between Kage and Saxon is FIRE. Like “call fire department, my kindle is burning.” The twists and turns, the love and passion, the violence and revenge kept me turning the page as fast as I could. I needed to know what happened next, because this story is full of action, sexiness, secrets and lies. I had so much fun reading this duet. It only took me a day and a morning to devour this story, it was that good! Book 1 – The first time Kage and Saxon lock eyes, the connection between them is instant. But Kage can’t have her so he keeps his distance. After Saxon’s grandfather dies, she learns that he was in the Mafia. His goal was to keep her as far away from the life as possible. If only. The current Don Kage Malvagio needs Saxon to get what belongs to him and his familia. Even though Saxon shouldn’t fall for Kage she does. And when he tried to push her away, she refused to back down. As Kage and Saxon unravel the details that surround the events that brought them together, they find themselves connected to each other in ways they didn’t expect.
CLIFFFFFFFHANGERRRRR! I binge read this book and it ends with such a craziness that I didn’t see coming. Highly recommend this book. I loved seeing the the main characters grow into themselves and become fierce and crazy.
Loved the characters and their personal development. Sad its a cliffhanger but the second book was amazing. Wish i had more!
ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!? Kelsey Clayton is pure evil for that cliffhanger, and now I HAVE to read book 2! WOW! This book took me for a ride, Kage and Saxon are explosive in the best freaking way. Amazing dark mafia with tons of yummy scenes
I loved this book so much!! I read it in one day! It had my attention the whole time!! I’m excited for book 2


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