Sully By Penelope Black

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Sully: An Irish Mafia Romance (The Brotherhood Book 3) By Penelope Black


Book/Novel Author: Penelope Black

Book/Novel Title: Sully



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“Do you believe in the butterfly effect?”There comes a time in your life when you’re faced with a choice. One that has the potential to alter the course of your life. I answered my mother’s call that day and everything changed. The path I chose was a turnpike masquerading as a meadow, and the tolls I paid have been grave. So I made a promise to myself that I will have my vengeance.And with my dark Irish gods at my side, I will wreak havoc on everyone who had a hand in the destruction of the girl I used to be.I was remade in the cabin in the woods. And I was forged in the warehouse fire. And like a phoenix, I will rise anew.By the time I’m done, my path will be littered with the heads of my enemies. But not before I claim what’s rightfully mine.





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