Sunchaser: Part Two By Keiryn L. MacClain

Sunchaser: Part Two by Keiryn L. MacClain

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Book/Novel Author: Keiryn L. MacClain

Book/Novel Title: Sunchaser: Part Two

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Renyl has seen more in the last few cycles than any Gaian has in centuries, and it’s all thanks to the sexy sunlight being, Aeriix. Ren is about to make the biggest decision of his life, but he has one last thing to do before he can stay with Aeriix for good. After mistakenly leaving his goggles on Aniliagos Gaia–goggles which recorded everything he witnessed during his time with Aeriix, including the sunlight being’s ability to snap long distances across space in seconds–Ren returns to his home to try and get to them before anyone else can. Unfortunately, he’s too late. A mid-rank Gaian Space Force commander captures him and reveals that she has seen all of the vid recordings on Ren’s goggles. Now Commander Koss is determined to get her hands on Aeriix. After all, starlight is an important power source on Aniliagos Gaia, and Aeriix is absolutely full of it. He’s the only sentient being she’s ever known to harbor starlight for a long period, and she’s desperate to bring him to Aniliagos Gaia to help Gaians flourish. The best way to lure Aeriix to the planet is to use Ren as bait, so Koss sets her trap and waits. In the meantime, she’s more than happy to let her scientists run experiments on him. After all, it’s not every cycle a human can survive in a vacuum without a protective suit. What they discover will change Gaian history–and Ren–forever.

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