Sunday at the Sunflower Inn By Jodi Thomas

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Sunday at the Sunflower Inn: A Heartwarming Texas Love Story By Jodi Thomas


Book/Novel Author: Jodi Thomas

Book/Novel Title: Sunday at the Sunflower Inn



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Fans of Carolyn Brown and B.J. Daniels will adore this slice of Americana delivered with warmth, endearing characters, and authentic Texan flair. The legendary New York Times and USA Today bestselling author brings a sense of nostalgia to the town in this delightful journey of second chances. Jessica Ann McKenzie—“Jam” to everyone in Honey Creek—has fulfilled her dream of owning the best restaurant for miles around. Serving candlelit dinners to every couple in town on Valentine’s Day is a reminder of another dream, one she’s just about given up on. Until, that very night, Sergeant Tucson Smith clambers out of the muddy river and onto her land, bringing the promise of something they’ve both been searching for.   When McCoy Mason crashes on Interstate 45, he doesn’t just bust up his Mustang, his leg, and his relationship. He also loses his prospects of a job and apartment in Houston. Honey Creek, home to his estranged grandfather, offers a temporary respite, a place to recover before moving on again. After all, what permanent use could a town so picture-perfect have for a man like him?   At sixty-seven, Charles H. Winston III lives by order and routine. One of his most cherished rituals is a regular lunch date with three lovely ladies at the Honey Creek Café, including the very proper Miss Lilly Lambert. But it’s not too late to surprise the whole town—or himself—by seizing a chance for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. And there’s no better season than spring, when the warm breeze blowing in from the Brazos River brings fresh hope and second chances to those who need them most . . .  “[Jodi Thomas] captures the charm of a small Texas town as its residents discover love…Thomas illuminates the ways ordinary lives can be transformed by the simple kindness of others.”— Publishers Weekly
I truly enjoyed this book by Jodi Thomas about the people from Honey Creek. The book covers the emerging relationships of several couples. Mainly Jam, the owner of the local cafe and Tucson, a soldier visiting his brother. Their meeting is unusual like their relationship. Tucson gets drawn into the mystery of some pictures found of a dead soldier found by a dock. Tucson uses his military training to help his brother, the newly elected sheriff to uncover the mystery of these pictures. Then add the appearance of McCoy Mason, who has come to his grandfathers home to recuperate from a car accident. He is a man down on his luck and his grandfather offers him a place to recover. McCoy then helps around the place renovating and eventually with the people trying to force his grandfather off his land. When the mystery of the supposed murdered soldier is finished, there are a new set of problems. You will get caught up in the lives of all the characters in this book and want even more as the story ends. Cant wait to get the next Honey Creek book and plan on getting the first ones
Honey Creek has become one of my favorite places to visit. These sweet stories are always wonderful and Sunday at the Sunflower Inn may have become my favorite of the series so far! I love that this is a book about a town, multiple love stories in the making, and various characters intertwined that feel like friends and family. When you meet a new one, you know you won’t have to say goobye at the end of the book, as long as there’s another Honey Creek book in the works. I also adore how there’s always a touch of mystery happening in this quaint little town.In this particular visit to Honey Creek, you get to know Jam and Tucson, Melody and Mike, McCoy and his family (and the charming vet he wants to know better), and so many others! You’ll visit old friends, see Pecos become sherif. And, most importantly, you’ll be cheering for every single one of them – wanting to know if they all find their happy in life and love to fill their hearts.If it’s your first visit to Honey Creek or a return one, you won’t regret picking up this book!
Jodi keeps me turning pages constantly, learning how her always interesting characters meet their challenges. She expertly shows how they fall in love and what love means. She is one of my top favorites.
The first book in series was available free on Kindle Unlimited. As Amazon intended, I was hooked and have pre-orded each subsequent book. Jodi Thomas is one of my favorite authors. She writes of small towns with interesting characters. Each book easily stands alone with only 1 or 2 folks from prior books. What does continue is the feeling of wide open spaces and a touch of wistfulness for a simpler life.
Let me start by saying this is not a book I would normally read. But let me tell you what a surprise it was. I absolutely fell in love with Mccoy, Tucson and Jam. Actually everyone in the book had endearing qualitities that would make you want to befriend them, or hell live in this town. I liked this book so much I might actually start at the beginning and read them all. Thank ou Jodi for your storytelling, you do a wonderful job putting words to paper and making a story come to life with these characters.
Quick read that pulled me in. I couldn’t put the book down. So much love. Three mysteries are solved. Great ending to the series


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