Super Over You By Jamie Knight

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Super Over You By Jamie Knight


Book/Novel Author: Jamie Knight

Book/Novel Title: Super Over You



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**”This is your ex. I’m calling because I *have* to, not because I want to.”**
Olivia was my high school sweetheart. And it was definitely sweet to pop her cherry.
But then things between us eventually turned sour.
Now fate has brought her curvy body and plump @ss back into my life.
She still hates me for being a cocky football player.
I tell myself I f*cking hate her too, for being opinionated and stubborn.
And that there’s no time for an instant replay of our hot and cold relationship.
I have a comeback to make in my career, and a Superbowl to win.
But I can’t resist those soulful eyes and that feisty laugh I fell in love with long ago.
***Now I want to re-claim what’s been mine all along.
Even though she’s adamant that she’s super over me.** *
This is a full-length romance novel. It is part of the Super in Love series of steamy romance novels, which can be read on their own but are best enjoyed all together. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers! **
### Review
“This is a great story that will captivate you from beginning to end. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend it to any book lover.” – Amber Johnson
“I absolutely adored this book and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a totally different storyline than what I’ve read anytime recently and the characters were amazingly real. I felt like I was there living in their memories with them picturing everything from your words. You are a very distinct descriptive writer. Like I said five stars!!! Please keep writing I really enjoyed your book.” -Holli Cadwell Dunn
” **ONE AMAZING READ**!!! Wow! Talk about taking one for the team. This is one incredibly exciting, fast paced, heart pounding, pulse racing, smooth flowing, page turning delight that grabs your attention from the first paragraph.” -Kaye
” **This second chance romance is my new favorite Jamie Knight book**! The development of the main characters was interesting and realistic. This isn’t a love at first sight story between two fairly perfect people- this is a story of learning self worth, confidence, humility, acceptance and how to let go of the past.” -Sara M Shurek
“Can’t miss this second chance at romance. Marv and Olivia’s story is entertaining and sexy and full of drama and suspense.Their story will keep you riveted to the edge of your seat. Such a fun read!” -Jo-Ann Forrest
### From the Author
This book is part of the *Super in Love* series of steamy romance novels, which can be read and understood alone, but, due to a shared world and connected characters, are best read all together.
The reading order for the *Super in Love* series is:
1. *Super Over You*
2. *Super Not Into You* : An Enemies to Lovers Fake Fiance Romance
3. *I Super Don’t* : An Enemies to Lovers Fake Fiance Romance





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