Supercarrier By Scott Bartlett

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Supercarrier: A Space Opera Epic (The Ixan Prophecies Book 1) By Scott Bartlett


Book/Novel Author: Scott Bartlett

Book/Novel Title: Supercarrier



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“A fast-paced military thrill ride.” – Amazon ReviewerCaptain Keyes is loved by the public but hated by Command. He captains the UHS Providence, an aging supercarrier and the last human ship not dependent on dark tech – technology humanity has used to rule over the galaxy since barely defeating the Ixa in the First Galactic War.Dominance has come at a cost. Over the decades, old allies have grown resentful, and when dark tech itself fails, Captain Keyes’s predictions start coming true: those old allies are now enemies.But Keyes is not the only one proven right. As the galaxy plunges into war, the Ixan Prophecies are being fulfilled, one by one. Humanity’s oldest enemy is on the rise, with weaponry never seen before.The fate of the galaxy now depends on Captain Keyes, his tired ship, and his oddball crew. It doesn’t pay to be right.”Take a wild ride through this military science fiction series. “Supercarrier” has it all and will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end.” – Amazon Reviewer





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