SuperMega Saves The Troops By Matt Watson

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SuperMega Saves The Troops By Matt Watson


Book/Novel Author: Matt Watson

Book/Novel Title: SuperMega Saves The Troops



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When a covert team of elite American muscle goes missing in the deep mountains of Pakistan, the United States must place their faith in the hands of two brave noblemen.Now entrusted with the lives of Jesus Christ’s top servicemen, YouTube Superstars Matt Watson & Ryan Magee must travel to the farthest reaches of the earth to terminate Public Enemy #1… Osama bin Laden.Discovering along their journey that things aren’t always so easy for two incredibly rich and handsome celebrities, the dynamic duo is put through the ultimate trial of courage, patriotism, and most importantly… friendship.

Then pick up your phone again because you’ll need it to order the book probably. My copy just arrived, and I haven’t even cracked it open yet, but I already know it’s incredible. The prose is beautifully written and the plot masterfully crafted. Sometimes you just have a sense of these things. In fact, I might not even read it at all. That’s how good it is. Just the presence of the book in the room with you gives you the same experience as actually reading a captivating story. It belongs in a museum.
When the sun blows up and kills the entire universe this book will still be remembered. The supermega boys really did it.


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