Supernova Love By Anna Lewis

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Supernova Love : Science Fiction Romance Collection By Anna Lewis


Book/Novel Author: Anna Lewis

Book/Novel Title: Supernova Love



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*No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA.*
**Healing Alien’s Heart**
Doctor Raven Glass is an expert in alien medicine and is called to the planet of Xulara to help its dying queen. With all of the planet’s resources at her disposal she is able to nurse queen Ozhenia back to health, but snagged the heart of the prince along the way.

With things heating up between Prince Eoch and the doctor, all seems on the up and up until the king returns to find things not as he wished. Determined to have his son live the life he wants, he banishes Dr. Glass back to Earth where she is bearing much more than a broken heart.

With the heir of the Xularese throne kicking inside her womb, Raven Glass must choose to either keep it a secret, or to fight for her rightful place in the royal family and face the wrath of the king. Either way, she needed to know if Prince Eoch was going to stand by her side. By the end of it all, she’ll get the answers she’s looking for plus much more than she ever imagined possible. Hopefully a happily ever after in love will be in the stars as Raven races through the galaxy with forever in her sights and in her heart.
**Precious Cargo**
*Captain Leticia “Tish” Williams doesn’t pick up passengers but when Fleet U’rbech, a handsome blue-skinned alien, makes her an offer she can’t refuse, Tish finds herself with a companion who might be more trouble than he’s worth.*

Captain Leticia “Tish” Williams is a down-on-her-luck freighter pilot, stubbornly holding onto her father’s cargo ship while her fiance, a high ranking officer in the Intergalactic Alliance, begs her to give it up and get a good, steady government job.

Tish’s life gets only more complicated when she picks up a passenger, Dr. Fleet U’rbech–a sexy, blue-skinned alien with a secret–he is number one on the Intergalactic Alliance’s most wanted list.

Tish and Fleet have to flee across the galaxy on a mission to save his home planet, dodging asteroids, IG ships and an indescribable attraction that becomes more and more electric as they near Fleet’s home planet.

Can Tish deliver her cargo and passenger without succumbing to his alien charms?
**Cosmic Trifecta**
*One of her lovers was in prison and the other had put him there, but she would get them both back at any cost.*

Two is company, but three is a party! That’s what happens when a lovely alien nurse and two mine workers get together after a wonderful evening out at the bar.
Xander is a muscular mine worker from Earth who has been collecting black coax crystals for a secret buyer, one that he hopes will pay enough for him to retire. It is during one of his mining excursions that he gets injured and wakes up to find the most beautiful creature standing above him, Anna Leigh.
They had met the night before and she had seemed interested, his sparkling eyes pulling her in. Elu shares the same interest and they nearly start a fight over her until she gets between them. “You two can share me,” she says sweetly. Their passion carries them through the summer until an accident where Elu and Xander are both injured. An unexpected confession puts a strain on their relationship, causing Anna Leigh to disappear. Will love draw them back together or destroy their cosmic triad forever?





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